Choose Your RV Type

Type Casting –  a rundown of the basic types of RVs available:

RVs you Drive


Class A Motorhomes

Built on an “A” Rail Chassis, these motorhomes are little more than a steel frame before the coach manufacturer adds the body and interior. When completed they are often the “elite” of RVs. Available with gas or diesel power, A’s are usually between 25’ and 40’ in length.


Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes or van campers are built on a conventional van chassis complete with body. B’s are generally smaller than the other motorhomes with a maximum length of (usually) no more than 21′. One great advantage is a small enough size to be a reasonable second-car-and-RV combination. Small size, however, is a limiting factor in RV performance, especially for longer stays and living comfort for larger people.


Class C Motorhomes

Also known as mini-motorhomes, C’s are built on a specially designed chassis with a conventional van cab.  C’s usually have a bunk or storage area, which extends out over the cab.  Typical sizes are from 20′ to 31′.  Many folks feel that driving a C is more familiar due to the conventional cab and lower riding height.  C’s often provide superior sleeping accommodations due to the added bunk over the cab. This feature makes class C motorhomes a favorite when children will be traveling.

RVs you Tow


Folding Camping Trailers

Also known as pop-ups or fold-downs, camping trailers are the least expensive type of RV.  Typically extending from 20’ to 25’ in length when open, today’s pop-up can provide nearly every feature of a full size travel trailer including shower, hot water and air-conditioning.

Conventional travel-trailer

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers are available to fit tow capacities of many of today’s SUV’s, vans and pickups.  Sizes generally range from 17’ to 36’. Many models feature expanding living space “slide-outs.” Travel Trailers provide the option to unhitch and use your tow vehicle for sightseeing or side trips, as well as use for everyday transportation.


Hybrid (Expandable) Travel Trailers

Part Folding Camper and Part Travel Trailer, Hybrids are popular because of there light weight, easy towing and large sleeping capacity.  They offer the bathroom and other amenities of a travel trailer with the bed set up from a folding camper.  Most common sizes range from 15′ to 25′.  Many weigh in less than 3500 pounds.


Fifth Wheels

The term “fifth wheel” refers to the type of towing hitch used to pull these trailers. A fifth wheel hitch uses a design similar to a tractor-trailer. Noted for superior towing performance, fifth wheels are the RV of choice for most full-time and extended-time RVers. Compatible sized and models are available for most trucks, from half tons to medium duties. Sizes range from 19’ to 40’, many with slide-outs available.


Sport Utility Trailers (Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers)

SUTs or “Toy Haulers” have versions available in nearly every type of RV from Folding Camper, Travel Trailer, Expandable, Fifth Wheel and even Motorhomes.  Whatever your preferred type of RV you will be able to find a version that will haul your toys from Four-wheelers, to Harley s to jet skis or snowmobiles.


RVs you Carry


Truck Campers

Carried on the back of a pickup truck, these versatile campers are easily loaded or unloaded. They make your everyday pickup truck into a full-fledged RV and back again.