Most experts do not believe buying an RV long distance over the Internet is a very good idea.  The Internet makes a great research tool, but does not substitute for visiting the dealer and understanding what value the dealer is contributing to your RV purchase and ownership experience.


Internet pricing is often less than the whole price and notoriously unreliable.  Very often there are extra charges for freight, prep, or the seller will claim a mistake was made once you have made the trip to consummate the deal. They may not accept trades against that price and thereby save the carrying costs of buying your trade.  Far-away dealers are often counting on not incurring an obligation to service you.  They don’t expect to see you again.   Since warranty almost never covers all the costs incurred by a dealer to service a customer, they save some considerable money.  They also don’t have to invest in facilities, staff, or training required to effectively support those buyers.


One more fact to consider is that most local dealers limit service on RVs purchased elsewhere to emergency repairs only.  They expect buyers to have their primary service done by the selling dealer – no matter where that is.  If you read the brochure from many manufacturers you will see a “BUY LOCAL” recommendation.  This is because RV dealers are independent businesses under no obligation to provide warranty service to RV owners that purchased elsewhere.  It is always best to make a service and support relationship part of your purchase decision.