The typical RV logs about 5000 miles per year and uses about  1 gallon of fuel for every 10 miles it is driven, towed or carried.  Some do better and some do worse.  In any case it is pretty easy to get a handle on fuel costs and set a budget up front.

Using 10mpg as an example, that equates to 500 gallons of fuel per year.  At $4 per gallon, a typical RVer will spend about $2000 on RV fuel for the entire year!  A $1  jump in fuel cost will raise your entire ANNUAL budget by $500.

People often think of RV fuel usage as if it was in their Car or Truck.  The difference is most people don’t drive their RV everyday.  Thay don’t drive it to work or take it to school or the grocery store on a regular basis.  The RV is used for RVing.

Think about how you will use your RV and use this calculator to estimate your RV fuel costs.

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One last point to keep in mind.  Fuel costs can also be managed by where you travel.  There are many wonderful places to enjoy your RV close to home.  Some you probably didn’t even know about.  You don’t have to go far to have a lot of fun with your RV!