People want to know the benefits of RV ownership before they buy. No one should make a major purchase without considering the positives and negatives involved. This Buyer’s Guide will help you make a wise decision while avoiding as many problems as possible, but it does not have time to explain all of the benefits involved. Therefore, the next few pages will give you some insight about the freedom, savings and fun RV ownership allows.


You can spend more time with your whole family traveling in an RV, even your pet! Eat dinner together every night, watch the sun set, talk, and just spend time with one another. Avoid the rush and commitments of everyday life and take a few days off. And, owning an RV means you can have “mini-vacations” every single weekend if you want to. You can have one-on-one time with your spouse without worrying about hotel reservations, dinner plans, and transportation. RVing allows you to have personal, private time with your family or friends whenever you want.


Let’s talk percentages. A family of four can save up to 70% by using an RV instead of another form of travel. These figures include RV ownership costs, including payments, insurance, maintenance, tires, registration, and depreciation. Imagine a trip to Orlando. Using your RV instead of flying, renting a car, staying in a hotel, and dining out can save you 43%. Going to the Grand Canyon with a folding camping trailer will cost 52% less than driving and using hotels and restaurants.

The costs of plane tickets, hotels, etc. cover only one vacation. Your RV is ready to go whenever you are. Also, the interest on RVs is tax deductible for most RV buyers because the unit qualifies as a second home.


If you keep some basic supplies in your RV, along with a change of clothes, you can literally be ready to go whenever you decide. Weekends can be non-stressful mini-vacations, whenever you want.

RVs can be used for lots of purposes, such as shopping, antique fairs, tailgating at sporting events or concerts, car races, or shepherding a group of kids around town. Also, an RV makes a great guest room when people come to visit, or when you go to visit them.

Camping Kids Playing Twister


Traveling with children is much different (and easier!) in an RV. Bring their favorite foods, toys, videos, books…and you may avoid hearing the dreaded, “Are we there yet?” There is always a clean bathroom nearby and campgrounds have tons of fun things for kids to do. Our nation has 16,000 RV-friendly campgrounds which offer activities such as:

• Swimming pools

• Lakes with boat rentals

• Fishing ponds

• Tennis courts

• Bike rentals and Paths

• Petting zoos

• Playgrounds

• Movie Rentals and Game rooms

• Square dances

• Hayrides

• Mini-golf


RVs come in so many shapes and sizes these days it is almost guaranteed that you will find any luxuries and additions you can dream of. Most RVs have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, and many include central air, heat, TVs, DVD, Bluetooth, and surround-sound stereos.  Here’s a list of some RV options:

• Choice of twin, double, queen, and king-sized beds

• Full bath with shower

• Refrigerator and freezer with ice maker

• Microwave and / or Dishwasher

• Full range with oven

• Trash compactor

• Satellite dish

• Internet-ready computer station, WiFi, Bluetooth

• Closed circuit rear-view camera for backing up

• Washer and Dryer

• Whirlpool bath

• Outdoor entertainment center

• Patio awning

• Basement storage

• CD and DVD systems with headphones

• Video game systems

• Direct broadcast satellite antennas

• Global positioning systems

• Driver’s seat with built-in heat and massage

“RVing is not ‘roughing it’ unless

you want it to be.”


As many as a quarter of a million senior citizens live full-time in their RVs.  They are surrounded by home comforts and high-tech kitchens which allow them to prepare special-diet foods without having the inconvenience of finding a suitable restaurant.

Not everyone can backpack or tent-camp, but everyone can enjoy an RV.  Seniors have the opportunity of seeing America; why not take advantage of it!


RVs have built-in space to hold all of your equipment for nearly every sport, so don’t be afraid to pick up and go biking, golfing, rock climbing, canoeing, whatever you want! You can visit 49 states, and, according to John Holod (who wrote Alaska RV Adventure: The Last Great Road Trip),

“RVing is the best way to see Alaska, the ultimate destination for any adventure-seeker. There are few motels or restaurants, but campground sites in the most spectacular surroundings are readily available.”

Also, 95% of adults who camped as children said that it had a positive effect on their lives, and helped them appreciate the outdoors as well as different people and places.

There’s just something about RVing

It’s time away.  The phone doesn’t ring (We turn the cell phone off), the TV isn’t on (as much) and there certainly aren’t all those projects staring at you asking for attention. The food just tastes better . . . I don’t know why.  Even when it rains all weekend – we have a great time. I especially like the sound of rain on the roof when I’m snug in my cozy, warm and dry RV bed.  The neighbors are nicer, the kids can run and play and meet new friends.  It feels like we’re back in time somehow.  Life is simpler if only for a day or two. We’ve had several rainy weekends when you would think it would be a terrible time and yet I remember those times as among the best.  We had great fun.  At home we would have been watching TV, the kids would have been playing video games and everyone would be scattered about the house doing their own thing – but in the RV we spend time together.  We watch movies together; we play board games or cards together and talk to each other, all in the same place.  It’s really special time together as a family.  It’s better than a rainy weekend at home for sure.  Then there are all the cool things the kids really like: things like catching bugs & critters, cooking on the campfire; roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and hot dogs on a stick.  There’s fishing, paddleboats, bike rides, frog & salamander safaris, swimming in the pool, lake or ocean and a lot more.  You get to go anywhere you choose whenever it fits into your life.  For a family, there is no better way to take a break from the busy pace of today.  We even take the family dog.  Everybody has a great time.


RV Observations

Richard, a life-long RVer says:

“When we’re camping, the kids spend more time together than when we’re at home. I can see that it makes them closer. My daughter helps out the younger ones. And my oldest son has more patience with his younger brother.”

Rob, a fifteen-year RVer says:

“An RV is like a home away from home – only a lot better. We have all the comforts of home and we’re out in nature. We can take the RV and head out in any direction that we want. We can stay in campgrounds with facilities or ones that don’t because we carry everything we need with us. And, if we find a great spot, we can stay as long as we like, and when we want, we simply pack up and go.”

Heidi, a three-year RVer says:

“Our pace is so hectic at home. The kids are in sports. We have different work schedules. It’s just so hard to spend time together. But when we’re camping, we play games, paddle boats, see different parts of the country – and we’re all together. It’s great!”

Karen, a 12-year RVer says:

“I never would’ve thought I could bake cookies while camping in the woods. It’s just great! And you know, everything smells and tastes better out here and cooking doesn’t feel like work.”